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Low on melodrama, high on melody.

Ready For Transmission...

Ready For Transmission…

With the posting of Live Wire the “Wake Up With J On Memorial Day” pre-release winds to a close. Thank you to everyone who has listened, re-tweeted, posted comments, forwarded to friends, or done anything else that has made this weekend a success.

Working on Kingdom On A Thread has been a real labor of love, and there have been several times over the course of the past two years when I’ve questioned if the end of the process would ever be in sight. Writing, recording, and producing a full-length album on my own has been an amazing experience - sometimes exhausting, often overwhelming, but always rewarding.

And I can’t praise those involved along the way with enough kind words to properly do them justice. I’ll be introducing them to you in the near future, but for now know that without them I’d probably still be laying underneith my desk wondering if I would ever get that line to come out the way I wanted it to!

I’ve waited a long time to begin presenting these songs to you, and it’s quite exciting to finally be able to do so.

In the near future I’ll be officially releasing Kingdom On A Thread, and as I get more details on arrival dates for iTunes, CDBaby, etc., I’ll be sharing that information. A full internet release is planned as well, and there will be giveaways and some surprises along the way as shows are coordinated and that date comes closer.

But as the song says, at this point “I’m ready for transmission,” and it’s a pretty cool feeling knowing so many of you are on the other end of the wire.

Till next time,