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Getting the "Led" out @ BNA

Recently, I was asked to a do a cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘What Is And What Should Never Be’ for a show doing a segment celebrating Jimmy Page’s birthday.  While the show didn’t happen, I think my cover turned out pretty well.  Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to try it live someday soon.

This has been a really cool catalyst for a renewed interest in the Zeppelin catalog.  
I’ll be posting a little more on this in the future, but sitting here watching 'The Song Remains The Same’ at BNA waiting for a flight is a study in how times have changed.

I’ve got real, raw, honest rock & roll in my iPhone headphones, and current pop music being distributed to the masses through the airport speakers.

It’s definitely a clear picture (to my taste anyway) of 'what is’ and what I hoped 'would never be.’

Thank goodness for technology…

Although, it also makes me wonder what would have happened if Robert, Jimmy, JPJ, and John had gotten hold of a MacBook and iPhone in 1968.

I imagine it would’ve been extremely cool.